#1066 This goat was sliding toward death until he was reunited with his beloved burro

Jellybean and Mr G

Touching reunion of Jellybean and Mr. G; photo from Animal Place Facebook page

During my stint as a reluctant farmer, I witnessed a lot of interspecies friendships, but none as moving as this one. A goat named Mr. G and a burro called Jellybean were rescued from a hoarder. According to Animal Place the woman “could barely care for herself, let alone the dozens of dogs she hoarded and three barnyard animals.”

Animal Place Rescue Ranch offered to take in the goat. Another sanctuary took the burro. After a tiring, 8-hour drive, Mr. G settled into his new home. There he sank into deep mourning, refusing food and only leaving his corner of the barn when staff literally moved him.

The home he shared with Jellybean may have been substandard, but at least he was with his beloved friend. Separated from the burro, Mr. G was inconsolable.

From my own experience with animal friendships, I have no doubt Mr. G would have died of a broken heart had Animal Place not decided to bring Jellybean to him. You’ll see in the video that Mr. G could hardly believe his senses when his beloved friend appeared. In short order he was eating again and following his friend around the paddock. Animal Place says the two friends have found their forever home, right there at the sanctuary.

Building and running an animal shelter is an enormous commitment. Heartaches are common. But a story like this makes any amount of work worthwhile. Animal Place gives me – and a lot of animals – hope.

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#1062 One of the best peace songs ever

Wailin' Jennys

We were driving a mountain highway, on our way to a meeting, when a colleague popped a Wailin’ Jennys album into the car’s CD player and introduced me to One Voice from 40 Days. I loved the group’s sound from…


#1060 Interviews for a job with 24/7 responsibility and no time off


Photo clip from Cardstock video below

Cardstore created an ad for the world’s toughest job. They set up video interviews and laid out the requirements:

  • no breaks
  • on your feet most of the day and night
  • lunch only when the associate finishes eating
  • great interpersonal skills
  • background in finance, medicine, culinary arts
  • willingness to give constant attention to the associateincreased work load over holidays
  • happy disposition.

Then they revealed the job. Watch the faces of the interviewees.

Thanks for the link, Linda Manning.

This post first appeared on Hope Habit.


#1059 Older ladies rock! And so does Donnalou Stevens

Donnalou Stevens

Donnalou Stevens will make you cheer; photo from her Facebook page

If you’re feeling down, meet the irrepressible Donnalou Stevens. Her Older Ladies video will rocket your spirits right out of the doldrums. It is no wonder it has gone viral since it was posted on YouTube in early June.

As an artist she creates joy and magic with her colourful art. She says in her Kickstarter video below that when people kept telling her the lyrics of her songs wouldn’t leave their heads, she decided she was never going to write another negative song. Her vision for her next project, If I Were Enlightened, is no small potatoes. She says:

I see this campaign in and of itself as an art project, a big collaboration, worldwide, with whoever wants to be a part of it, like a community, a community that stands for kindness, generosity, magic and play and celebration. That’s really what I want to create.

The 55-year-old says she feels as if she just got her wings, and it’s time to fly. Her Kickstarter fundraiser passed its original goal with time to spare. That means more good times are coming, and we are all invited.

Yee haw! Donnalou Stevens gives me hope.

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#1058 Music finds the vibrant soul inside dementia patients


Music touches Henry’s soul; photo clip from video below

The elderly and infirm may look empty, but they are Alive Inside. That is the title of a film being released this month that will make you look at people with dementia and major cognitive and physical challenges with new eyes.

Dan Cohen is the visionary behind it. He is a social worker who volunteered in a nursing home to test his idea that music could transform life for aging resident. He began loading iPods with music carefully chosen for residents. Watch the video about how that worked for Henry, and you can see how brilliant his idea is.

The pilot project proved so successful Cohen formed Music & Memory, a non-profit “that brings personalized music into the lives of the elderly or inform through digital music technology, vastly improving quality of life.”

Dan Cohen is transforming the lives of people too often written off. He gives me hope.

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This post initially appeared on Hope Habit.