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#1001 – 1100

1001.  Addicted to hope
1002.  24 hours of happiness
1003.  The nun who rocked Italian talent scouts
1004.  Vertical gardens of the Musée du quai Branly
1005.  Have piano will travel
1006.  The little old woman who said no to power
1007.  Grandmother was only one who believed in his singing, until now
1008.  Inspired by grandson’s same-sex marriage, 90-year-old grandad reveals secret
1009.  The prodigal returns
1010.  Facebook page gives Iranian women a place for Stealthy Freedom
1011.  Two dads make history, one laugh at a time
1012.  Maya Angelou showed ‘how intelligent and generous we can be’
1013.  Over 100 people turn out to give autistic boy a great birthday bash
1014.  ‘You can forge meaning and build identity and still be mad as hell’
1015.  Want to be healthier? Cultivate hope
1016.  Let’s swap books at the bus-stop library
1017.  Tiny piano player may make you believe in reincarnation
1018.  She’s not quackers; the Vancouver Duck Lady is a wounded healer
1019.  What if we treated prisoners like good people?
1020.  Americans and Brazilians connect in one of the sweetest exchanges ever
1021.  Young visionaries recreate Hong Kong as a city for farming and beekeeping
1022.  One’s in a wheelchair, one’s not, but these siblings are inseparable
1023.  In the shadow of giants
1024.  Handwriting will NOT die, and here’s why
1025.  Cyclists planting seeds of change across Canada
1026.  ‘We gotta just keep painting, whatever painting means to us’
1027.  Olives grow in harsh conditions; so can peace
1028.  From boy child to stunning model, Geena Rocera speaks out for transgender individuals
1029.  Chinese race to the goal post with a safe nuclear energy – and it’s not from uranium
1030.  Hugh Herr laughs at the limitations of the human body
1031.  Have piano, will play…for elephants
1032.  Honey Maid calls same-sex dads ‘wholesome’ and earns accolades
1033.  Japanese commuters can garden on top of railway stations
1034.  How a $4 pair of glasses can pay a huge dividend for a worker earning $2 a day
1035.  They beat their combat fatigues into healing art
1036.  A love so deep it will break your heart and feed your soul
1037.  WWII vet plays hooky from his nursing home to commemorate D-Day
1038.  Fall in love with the world and decrease the suck
1039.  Beagles freed from lab cages learn how to be pets
1040.  Sperm whales look out for their little buddy, a deformed dolphin
1041.  ‘I’m not going to change the world; I just need to keep working on myself.’
1042.  Feisty and funny, Stella Young shatters stereotypes
1043.  Britain’s first woman Nobel Prize winner
1044.  A Muslim and a Jew walk into a poetry slam and smash stereotypes
1045.  My Writing Process Blog Tour: Blogging for hope
1046.  Salut Salon salts a classical quartet with the spice of fun
1047.  Save those old tires and cans and build a house
1048.  Teen writes climate-saving cookbook
1049.  Oregon says YES to marriage equality
1050.  Her dog went missing so the animal shelter sent her home with a baby sloth
1051.  Cancer is stealing her dad, but Josie will remember walking down the aisle with him
1052.  First-time, best-selling author at 65
1053.  It’s not over till the old lady dances
1054.  Fight pollution with broccoli sprouts? This just might work
1055.  Smart and committed, Judy Wicks is a model for ethical entrepreneurship
1056.  Skip the plastic; wrap mine in Abeego, please
1057.  Play Station or smoke detectors? 9-year-old’s choice is inspiring
1058.  Music finds the vibrant soul inside dementia patients
1059.  Older ladies rock! And so does Donnalou Stevens
1060.  Interviews for a job with 24/7 responsibility and no time off
1061.  Did you ever hear a rat laugh?
1062.  One of the best peace songs ever
1063.  They focus on what’s right with youth
1064.  Feed the hungry while you eat out in a Mealshare restaurant
1065.  Dogs show sympathy for humans, take them out for walks
1066.  This goat was sliding toward death until he was reunited with his beloved burro
1067.  Buy me some peanuts and…huh?…fresh fruits and veggies?
1068.  Quebec Davids take on the Walmart Goliath
1069.  Conservative South Carolina town stands up to homophobia
1070.  Tesla Motors throws down the sustainability gauntlet at gas guzzlers
1071.  It’s an ad, but it’s on the right track in promoting girls’ self-confidence
1072.  The cure for anger is love, at least for this odd couple
1073.  Low-caste women farm their way to respect and independence
1074.  Good deed for dolphins becomes good deed BY dolphins
1075.  Organic vegetables and fresh fish from a backyard setup
1076.  Separated by wildfires, Buddy the Labrador reunited with owners 7 years later
1077.  Jews and Arabs are refusing to be enemies
1078.  Creativity plus! ‘Sparkling idea generator’ turns daydreams into magic
1079.  Artist turns trash into fanciful rolling shelters for Oakland’s homeless
1080. Why are two Canadian soccer stars living in a Maryland retirement home? You’ll smile.
1081.  Have you ever heard your vegetables scream? These scientists have
1082.  San Francisco Burger King shows its Pride
1083.  When his buddy needed surgery, this 7-year-old swung into action
1084.  Kindly stranger gives shoes to barefoot man, wants no thanks
1085.  They sailed the seas; now they house low-income women
1086.  Rotting waste is raw material for Chicago’s amazing vertical farm, The Plant
1087.  Dr. Akira Miyawaki plants more than seeds; he plants the future
1088.  Put a smile on your day, with hugs from around the world
1089.  Kindly stranger returns $13,000 in lost cash
1090.  They stand firm against the terror of Muslim fundamentalism
1091.  You are beautiful just the way you are
1092.  Dreams give us wings
1093.  Proud to celebrate growing diversity
1094.  Making ‘ugly’ fruits and vegetables sexy will cut food waste
1095.  Upsee miracles: children experience walking for the first time
1096.  Ferguson, Missouri is not Everywhere, nor Everyone, USA. Watch this cop interact with street youth
1097.  Koko the gorilla mourns for Robin Williams
1098.  Hope keeps you alive
1099.  Singing doctor greets every newborn as a Future Important Person
1100.  Our existence is based on hope