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#101 – 200

101.  Medicine without borders
102.  MotherGlow shares joy of pregnancy announcements
103.  Saving a humpback whale
104.  Wildlife in the city
105.  Writing their way to friendship
106.  Flying the rainbow flag
107.  Giving off smile vibes
108.  Solar lights without solar or bulbs
109.  Ticking one more thing off the list
110.  The I-75 Project, activism with a smile
111.   Forty years of fresh produce
112.  Power of one
113.  Flags of hope fly in Belfast
114.  Planting seeds of hope and community
115.  A year after boats shatter his shell, turtle swims free
116.  Window on nature’s power
117.  An outrageously peaceful idea
118.  Milk crate farm in Manhattan
119.  Preserving the future at Preservation Farm
120.  Evan Moss writes his way into hearts
121.  Making the world better with books
122.  A prisoner, a boy and a dog
123.  “Ethical politician” not always an oxymoron – thanks, Jack Layton
124.  Love’s sweet honey
125.  A photographer with backbone
126.  Pint-sized activist stands up to power
127.  Trouble is what we get; life is what we do with it
128.  Germany’s last millstone mason
129.  Family kicks the junk food habit
130.  She walks the talk
131.  Loving the world
132.  A circle of love
133.  Choosing nonviolence
134.  An artist’s gift of poetry
135.  Pinning a rose on you
136.  Plant a Little Library
137.  Child of war sings hope
138.  Happy for health & healthy from happiness
139.  Talking to photographs
140.  Women withhold sex to bring peace
141.  Walking a goat at midnight
142.  Dolphins may understand death
143.  Heroism and luck save a motorist
144.  Creative at any age
145.  Keeping it real, keeping it funny
146.  Through children’s eyes
147.  Crack me a clam, turkfish
148.  American youth more accepting of gays
149.  The Princess with Asperberger’s Syndrome
150.  Farewell, and safe flight
151.  Australians edging closer to marriage equality
152.  Dorothy Custer turns 100 and wows Jay Leno
153.  Music-loving cows
154.  Young people DoSomething
155.  In Philadelphia, art saves lives
156.  Living longer & better
157.  Autism, from one who knows
158.  Flowers unfolding
159.  Laughing all the way
160.  Kitchen scrap composting in Boston
161.  Tablet computers for India’s rural children
162.  One man’s trash is another’s treasure
163.  Turtle to the rescue
164.  Moab, Utah, turns out for gay pride
165.  What taxes bought me today
166.  Hungry for education
167.  Knit a sweater, save a penguin
168.  Baby has two dads
169.  Turning bras into fuel
170.  ‘Peak car’ making cities better places
171.  Canadians can laugh at the cold
172.  Gene DeSantis plants trees
173.  Welcome to the 7 billionth babies
174.  Balloons of happiness
175.  Put your money where your heart is
176.  Creating delight: Christy Schollen
177.  Pitbull is neighbour of the year for saving woman’s life
178.  Firefighter is 94 years old
179.  The dog who adopted a neighbourhood
180.  Crazy Sustainable Commute
181.  Cool Tech for kids (and the rest of us)
182.  Hand shadow magic
183.  Matt Andersen: inside the package
184.  These books are people
185.  New homes for (some) plastic bottles
186.  Yearning and risking for art
187.  A devoted couple
188.  Improv Everywhere’s crazy fun
189.  Catching the technology wave
190.  Jumping for joy
191.  Yvonne, the runaway cow
192.  Public radio, the great connector
193.  Enlivening our cities
194.  Ottawa’s singing bus driver
195.  Giving Epic Thanks
196.  Living with dying
197.  70 days sober and ready to shine
198.  High on highrises
199.  The gift of difference
200. Unconditional love of Our Time Theatre