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#1101 – 1200

1101.  From holy terror to beloved son – love heals
1102.  Children’s worries are real; this dad knows how to ease them
1103.  Act from a place of love
1104.  Shipping pallets, ingenuity and vacant land equal gardens everywhere
1105.  Change your life, and maybe the world, in 3 easy steps
1106.  What’s the link between Green Bridge Growers and autism? A transforming vision
1107.  San Francisco woman’s “why not?” idea is brilliant and compassionate
1108.  Jews and Arabs plant love in place of hatred
1109.  Turkish government wants women to stop laughing – so they laugh at the government
1110.  One of Anthony Hopkins’ dreams came true after 50 years
1111.  An anti-rape campaign that doesn’t blame the victim
1112.  One brief, shining moment between a musician and a homeless man has marked millions of hearts
1113.  Lettuce in LED-lit tiers; food factory of the future grows in Japan today
1114.  A hope-filled birthday
1115.  They killed his daughters, but he refused to hate
1116.  Restaurant flips reviewer’s sexist remark into a fundraiser
1117.  Sometimes even a bank gets storytelling right. Grab a tissue.
1118.  Volunteers in one of the world’s most polluted cities plant trees of hope
1119.  Hope is the thing that costs nothing and changes everything
1120.  One-woman dynamo fights for women in conflict zones
1121.  Throw out stereotypes; seniors ARE connecting via social media
1122.  Save the world, starting with bees
1123.  Fashion for the one- and no-breasted woman
1124.  Los Angeles 7th grader’s video makes the case for same-sex marriage
1125.  He bought signs from homeless people, and it changed his life
1126.  People power saves man with leg trapped by train
1127.  We all have a right to peace; someone must begin
1128.  When I die, turn me into a tree
1129.  We are not our insecurities
1130.  Kelowna food bank leads a movement to transform the community
1131.  Is it better to be a rich country or a good country? Is it possible to be both?
1132.  The neighbours love him so they set out Chairs for Charlie
1133.  Atul Bhide builds toilets that change lives
1134.  Robot hitchhikes 6,000 kilometres across Canada, thanks to kindly travelers
1135.  Tara Books and the amazing storytelling and artistry of and by India’s tribal people
1136.  First openly gay NFL player tackles stereotypes
1137.  This food bank will not accept crap food
1138.  My wabi-sabi friend, @TorontoLydia
1139.  No legs? No problem, says fearless gymnast and aerialist Jen Bricker
1140.  Lunch Ladies (and guys) to the rescue, in schools everywhere
1141.  Malala Yousafzai changed more than her own life; she changed her parents
1142.  Israelis and Palestinians in Gaza fight war with nonviolence
1143.  You won’t believe what they’re doing in this remote spot, at the bottom of a steep, winding road
1144.  Mother Nature will survive
1145.  Grandfather’s Parkinson’s Disease inspires granddaughter to invent a spill-proof cup
1146.  Dear future mom, I have Down syndrome and a lifetime of love to give
1147.  The artist who copyrighted his land to keep the energy companies at bay
1148.  Giving Columbus a rest in favour of first peoples
1149.  Renewable energy Davids are challenging the Goliaths
1150.  Making peace with the 24-hour day
1151.  A vaccine against addiction, crime and despair? And it works.
1152.  Teacher with confidence, enthusiasm and Down syndrome
1153.  Muscular dystrophy slows their bodies but not their love
1154.  Hey, car giants, this 14-year-old built a cheap electric car. Your turn
1155.  New York’s Mosaic Man creates a trail of dreams
1156.  Son of a terrorist chose tolerance and empathy
1157.  She missed her senior prom; 70 years later her great-grandson made up for it
1158.  They brought sockeye salmon back to the river
1159.  Print-and-plug solar panels coming soon
1160.  Homophobia doesn’t stand a chance when students like these sing love
1161.  If you saw birds on wires, would you hear music?
1162.  Planting miracles in India; one man heals the environment
1163.  New immigrant women transform a neighbourhood
1164.  Paper or plastic? The environment wants more from us
1165.  Awkward…7 black kids on racism
1166.  Music taps the souls of dementia patients, proves they are Alive Inside
1167.  Laura Bates wants Everyday Sexism to stop
1168.  Gratitude for a cracked skull
1169.  Old people are good for the planet
1170.  Cosmic Happy Ass on the spiritual path
1171.  We can build cities on a human scale
1172.  Street Books, a library for Portland’s homeless
1173.  Youth teach the old in Mentor Up
1174.  Sister Megan Rice is in prison for us all
1175.  If you see a fawn in these woods, call Hope for Wildlife
1176.  Second grader’s lesson in compassion
1177.  Dr. Bob heals the poor
1178.  Poachers were killing Zambia’s wildlife until conservationists got smarter
1179. Artist Mariëlle Coppes gives us 1000 reasons to smile
1180.  An invention to bring dementia patients home safely
1181.  I’m Enough!
1182.  An impossible dream? Not for Danny MacAskill
1183.  “Write for whatever holy thing you believe in”
1184.  The sacred web of life
1185.  Fossil fuels losing out to ethical investors
1186.  Our love can save the planet
1187.  Take the seeds of life and turn them into flowers
1188.  Fined for wearing a skirt, transgender student discovers she has allies
1189.  The Potluck Cafe, where job barriers come tumbling down
1190.  Missouri students raise funds for ailing custodian
1191.  “The world would be empty without books”
1192.  Dogs in court ease children’s fears
1193.  A joyful tribe of hope-filled people
1194.  Buy a carpet; save a child
1195.  Bring on the young musicians
1196.  Thieves, murderers…and knitters
1197.  We shall overcome
1198.  From food waste to generous meals
1199.  Rising Tide Car Wash staffed by young people with autism
1200.  Young poets on fire with the power of words