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#201 – 300

201.  Karma Kitchen pays it forward
202.  A happy heart is a healthy heart
203.  Architect building hope
204.  Never too old to create something stunning
205.  Breaking free of homelessness
206.  Live life like a party
207.  We’re in this together
208.  One man’s dance dream, a gift to the city
209.  The best toys are still free
210.  What to give instead of stuff
211.  Winnipeg teen’s Christmas video goes viral
212.  Youth growing hope in Chicago
213.  Secret Santa passes out $100 bills
214.  Children will thrive here
215.  The Trumpeter of Alert Bay
216.  Tiny violinist with huge talent
217.  A better way to change minds
218.  Youth will change the world
219.  Mother’s love revives infant
220.  High on kindness
221.  The joy of failure
222.  A rental business with heart
223.  Fintry Queen: showing up when help is needed
224.  Counting the day’s gifts
225.  Independence and critical thinking in a tiny package
226.  Love does make a family
227.  Cooking Up the food stories
228.  Changing the world, one dinner at a time
229.  The woman who challenged plastics
230.  Grace within dementia
231.  Grafting fruit onto city trees
232.  Every colour of the rainbow
233.  Calgary photographer raises awareness about bullying
234.  Gritty, independent filmmakers
235.  Happy at any age
236.  Creativity and success
237.  Cameras become tickets to a new life
238.  The bus-riding cat
239.  They’ll treat you to coffee at the Corner Perk
240.  Eight years later, the dog came home
241.  Turbaned Tornado breaking records at 100
242.  Girl Scouts and transgender youth
243.  Be hopefully naïve
244.  Irvine’s Incredible Edible Park
245.  Grit, smarts and an iPad
246.  Blogging bolsters anxious teens
247.  Eateries with a twist
248.  Peliti, security the future of biodiversity
249.  Susan Allen brings Native American voice to politics
250.  Kindness has benefits
251.  Making space for redemption
252.  Sharing the world with beauty
253.  Beyond endless growth
254.  Cooking up compassion
255.  George the cat came back
256.  Facebook finds organ donors
257.  Arigato from Tohoku, Japan
258.  Reach for the brass ring
259.  Good people are everywhere
260.  The young people are all right
261.  Brave little rabbit
262.  Jazzing it up in the Grampians
263.  Why did the echidna cross the road?
264.  Reddit crowdsources $65,000 for Kenyan orphanage
265.  A real-life Zlateh the Goat
266.  Isobel dances
267.  An endangered species comes back
268.  A “best” day in Kaikoura, New Zealand
269.  Jirrahlinga, a refuge for animals
270.  Kids in Farm-School Partnership Know Where Food Comes From
271.  Restoring the Moonah Woodlands
272.  Forging chains between generations
273.  Handing out love hearts
274.  Teen makes dreams come true
275.  Inviting the light in
276.  People are friendly here…and there
277.  Spinning a web of generous connections
278.  Food, photos and friendly folk
279.  Most people are honest
280.  Australia’s most generous boss
281.  An earth-friendly catering company
282.  A story to change the world
283.  A bank with heart
284.  A better world an acre at a time
285.  Quirky, home-based restaurants
286.  The kookaburra really does laugh
287.  One of a kind
288.  Don Tapscott, innovative thinker
289.  Neighbourhoods that invite walking
290.  Sometimes it’s OK to hide
291.  Don’t toss it; take it to the Repair Café
292.  Slowing time with a camera
293.  Hip hop artist sings out for gays
294.  The strength of twisted things
295.  Every child needs a Paul Friend
296.  Generation Y is changing the world
297.  Barbara McAfee sings the spirit home
298.  Toronto’s rooftop oases
299.  The wisdom of John Wooden
300.  We can all soar