#12 A family of friends

Robin and I had dinner at Hylton’s last night. Sharon was there. So were Deborah and Mary and Paul. Hylton created a meal worthy of the finest restaurants in Kelowna. As the delicious food and good wine mellowed and connected us, the stories flowed.

Paul started the questions that brought out stories we hadn’t shared with each other before. We swam past the shallow waters of superficial conversation and into the deeper waters of self-revelation. Some of us even learned new things about our partners.

The level of trust and openness deepened what were already warm, loving friendships. That’s the way it is with good friends. In the initial conversations we test the waters, decide whether to stay in the shallow end and just enjoy a good laugh or swim out farther. The deeper waters are where we stitch together our lives and make unspoken commitments to be there for each other in the hard times.

I share the evening with you because this was a wonderfully comfortable gathering of gay and straight friends. When we get together we don’t give a fig about those designations. We do care about the quality of the conversations, the warmth of the hosts, and the welcome we feel when we come together.

I’m looking forward to the day when we’ll view sexual orientation the way we do hair colour – an interesting but not significant factor in our relationships. Our friends give us hope that day is on its way.

Dinner at Hyltons, the women

Sharon, Cathryn, Deborah, Mary

Dinner at Hylton's, the men

Paul, Robin, Hylton


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