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#16 I don’t have time for bad days

So, OK, I won’t lie to you. Sometimes I still have bad days, though generally not whole days anymore. You’ve probably all seen report of studies that claim people get happier as they grow older. I think that’s true, at least as long as we have social connections and some security around basics such as food, shelter, and enough money to pay the bills.

View from home

Hard to be down when this is the view from our living room.

It was David Chase who prompted me to think about the possibility of increasing happiness. He was leading a service at the Unitarian Fellowship of Kelowna. I couldn’t tell you what the rest of the service was about, but I remember clearly his saying, “I’m turning sixty this year; I don’t have time for bad days.”

That stuck in my mind. At the time, I was in my late fifties and still in the dumps because of the break-up of my marriage. I had moved to a town where I knew no one and started a job that had to be created from scratch. I welcomed both the new town and the job, but the settling-in and starting-over phase came with a fair bit of stress. I needed a boost. David’s statement wasn’t the only thing that shoved me off the pity path, but it was significant.

It was also prescient. I love that word because his statement was like a verbal crystal ball, assuring me of good times ahead. Now I’m nearing my 65th birthday. My life is better than ever. I’m healthy, have a loving partner and good friends, live in a beautiful spot, and have meaningful work. I’m at that stage where looking back is fun instead of painful. Instead of regrets I have stories of experiences that made me who I am.

So thanks, David. I agree. I don’t have time for bad days.


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