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#61 Korean singer’s Got Talent

A 22-year-old man, Choi Sung-bong, is taking the world by storm, thanks to his June 6th performance on Korea’s Got Talent. The judges were gentle with him when he took the stage in jeans and a casual shirt. He was quiet and shy as he told the story of being left in an orphanage when he was three. At five he ran away to escape the beatings. He spent the rest of his growing years selling gum and energy drinks and sleeping on the streets.

Before he started his song, the young man told the judges he was not a good singer. He just liked to sing. A few bars into Nella Fantasia, tears were flowing freely. The judges cried. The audience cried. This young man wasn’t just singing beautifully. He was opening his soul for the audience to see.

When one of the judges asked why he wanted to sing, Sung-bong told his story. He was selling his wares in a night club one night. Most nights the musicians rocked the walls. This night was different. The musician sang from the heart. The singer gave the young, gum-and-energy-drink seller a beacon to follow.

He followed it to the competition, and now he’s being touted as the next Susan Boyle.

This is a video that made me want to cheer. Have some tissues near when you watch it. Then head on over to his Facebook fan page and leave your good wishes for this young man.

He’s got talent, and now he’s got a future.


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