#64 Spreading good stories to inspire hope

During my years combining storytelling and community development, I met many people doing inspiring work in their communities. These were real life changers. They were busy preparing meals for hundreds, teaching adults to read, offering shelter to homeless neighbours, knitting warm blankets for newborns, and generally inspiring people. Finding the time to write their stories in a way that would inspire potential funders and spread the news of their good work was always a challenge.

They needed the support good stories could attract. They needed Storytellers for Good. I’m inspired by this company’s work. The live up to their aim, “to tell and promote stories of people and organizations making a positive difference.”

They’ve created stories on the work Mama Hope does for HIV victims in Kenya, on the mentoring Each One Reach One offers incarcerated youth, on the efforts of Ule Ke Kukui (video below) to assist families to find permanent housing, and other initiatives that will make you want to cheer.

Now they’ve launched “Story of the Month”, a crowdsourcing platform that invites others with a good story to tell to co-produce a video with them. They’re doing this because, “We’ve seen how one good story can raise thousands of dollars to help nonprofits continue important work in the world. How one good story can change minds. How one good story can open hearts. And how one good story can inspire hundreds and thousands to make a positive difference.”

Drop by Storytellers for Good for a boost of hope.

Storytellers for Good: Ulu Ke Kukui from Storytellers For Good on Vimeo.


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