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#68 A Big Blue bridge

Ellis and Jason changed their own lives. Now they’re changing other lives by sharing what they’ve learned.

Trying to say what we mean in a way someone else can hear—and understand—is hard enough. Add autism to the efforts, and the gap can turn into a canyon. For the first five years of his son’s life, Jason stood on one side of the canyon, gesturing in vain to Ellis, on the other side.

Then Jason discovered his son thinks in pictures. Instead of just talking to Ellis, he began drawing to him. A few months later, Ellis was drawing back. When the child drew his wish for a bedtime hug, a bridge was built and a Big Blue Hug was born.

Now it’s a family business, and Ellis has a meaningful role. Big Blue Hug has a big dream: “Our dream is that one day the Big Blue Hug will thrive as a studio with a special needs team. People will love our art and products because our team’s unique skills and point-of-view will make our art special.”

Big Blue Hug is a happy place to hang out. Ellis’s art is colourful and joyous. Jason has a creative approach to taking any child’s drawings and turn them into family heritage. He’s teaching “Picture Talking” to others who want to communicate across barriers. Big Blue Hug’s Facebook page is a source of lots more inspiration.

So head on over and get a Big Blue Hug from Ellis. You know you need one.


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