#72 Meditation for the rest of us

Sometimes this brain of mine is like one of those old bumper-car rides. Thoughts whip around, smack into each other, careen off in all directions, and generally maintain an entirely undisciplined messiness.

Meditation has always seemed an unreachable goal. Martin Boroson’s One-Moment Meditation: stillness for people on the go, makes me believe there’s hope for me.

He’s speaking to the over-wired, for whom stillness is waiting for a red light to turn green. He says it’s possible to reach a meditative state in less than a minute. In Spirituality & Health, he writes, “With this practice, moments spent waiting in line or being stuck in traffic are no longer ‘lost’ but become opportunities to refresh the mind and open it to a vast world of possibilities.”

After watching his animated introduction, I was ready to give it a try. So I backed up the video and watched the “basic minute” once again. I said, “hmmm” a lot (which will make sense once you try it), but at the end of the minute I felt refreshed enough to try it again – and again.

I have a small cedar box beside my computer. It’s filled with talismans. I’ve added a small piece of paper to it. On it are the words: “Take a moment to meditate.”

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