#74 Happy to feel sad

I’m really bummed out today, and I’m happy about it. That won’t sound so peculiar when I tell you two good friends flew out of my life this morning. Deborah and Mary have been in Kelowna since last summer. Now they’re headed back to their home in Brisbane. Canada’s loss, Australia’s gain.

They’ve been drop-in friends, the kind that are rare these days. They felt free to drop by our place, and we felt free to be just as spontaneous with them. The friendship started off fun and quickly deepened.

One of our gatherings was reason #12 for hope because we really did become a chosen family.

So why am I happy about being bummed out? We all know how important social ties are to our happiness and sense of self. We also know that a lot of older people are isolated and lonely. Yet here we are making new friends and connecting in a deep and satisfying way. We’ll miss being neighbours, but we’ll still be friends.

Tonight Sharon and Hylton and I will meet at DJ’s Mexican Restaurant to ease our sense of loss by celebrating what we still have—a circle of loving friends that keeps expanding.

Safe travels, Mary and Deborah, and thanks for enriching our lives.

Mary and Deborah

Mary and Deborah, celebrating Deborah's birthday at Quail's Gate Winery's Old Vines Restaurant


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