#77 Laughter’s better than guilt

Anyone not living under a rock knows pollinators are in trouble. Pesticides, climate change, human habitat, genetically-modified crops, hive transportation. Name a bee trauma, and it’s likely to play a role in the loss of those little guys who fly around making it possible for us to do important things—like grow food.

So the city of London has launched Capital Bee as part their Capital Growth campaign (which “aims to support 2,012 new community food-growing spaces in London by the end of 2,012). They could have taken a finger-pointing approach, trying to make people feel guilty about their bee-harming choices. Instead, they’ve decided to be upbeat and inviting.

The Capital Bee Web site is colourful. It’s loaded with good resources and success stories. It makes me want to set up a hive on my balcony. And the marketing counts on tickling funny bones instead of making people squirm.

We could use a lot more campaigns like this one. Saving the planet can be fun.


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