#97 Answering the call

The premise caught my interest. Seven young Americans answering a call to serve humanity. They were Protestant, Catholic, Jewish and Muslim. The filmmakers followed them “from their first days of training, through years of challenges, doubts, triumphs and surprises, and into their early practice as ordained professionals.” PBS aired the documentary on Independent Lens in December 2010.

That would already have been enough to give me hope, as the four-part series is thoughtful, respectful and inspiring. Instead, it was the start of a conversation that asks, What’s Your Calling? And they truly want to know.

When I wander around on the Web site, I want to meet the people who have responded. I’ve watched Amaka Unaka talk about her determination to give students in underserved communities a sense of their own possibilities. I’ve cheered as Wayne Kramer (video below) describes how he channeled his anger over his years in a federal prison into a way to give hope to inmates by providing them with guitars. I’ve pondered Donn Teske’s commitment to carrying on the family farm, in spite of the sacrifices that has entailed.

I was honoured to have a chance to add my own thoughts on calling (Answering the Call of Stories) when the site hosted a blog tour. And now when I return to the site, I feel as if I’m part of a dialog on one of the most profound questions we ask ourselves as we travel through this life.

What’s Your Calling? is not a static Web site. It’s an invitation. So pull up a chair or gather a group and join in.


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