#100 Lottery winners give it all away

Most of us think about what we’d do if we hit the jackpot. Violet and Allen Large had to do more than think about it. In July 2010 they won $11.2 million in the Canadian 6/49 lottery.

Consumer toys weren’t on their list. Neither was a replacement for their 147-year-old house or their 1987 vehicle. When they picked up their winnings, the Truro, Nova Scotia couple had no big plans for the money. The local paper quoted Allen as saying, “We’re just good old country people.”

Four months later the couple had given away most of the money to family and local charities. They were content in a home built nearly a century and a half ago. Violet told CBC, “We haven’t bought one thing. That’s because there is nothing that we need.”

They tucked away about two percent of their winnings for themselves, but the rest they were  happy to distribute. When the Winnipeg Free Press interviewed them, Violet said, “We didn’t do this to get recognition. We did this because we wanted to.” By that time, November 2010, Violet had lost her hair to chemotherapy, but she was still cheerful and upbeat. “I’ve been very fortunate not to be bedfast,” she said.

On Saturday, July 16, 2011, 79-year-old Violet died of the cancer. My heart goes out to Allen. He has lost what he valued most, his beloved wife of 37 years.

The Larges’ legacy of generosity and selflessness will live long after both of them. They are role models for all of us.

Watch the Allens on video:

Virtual candles of thanks for a beautiful soul



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Lisa Hilton - January 16, 2012

I think that what they did is commendable. They were happy and realized this money could cause other people to torment them. I think it is wonderful that they were swuch wonderful and blessed people. They had a true bond and no lottery could ever be any better than that. I hate that violet passed, but I am sure that the couple enjoyed their decision together. To know that you could have played that much of an important part of others life. Unfortunately you have people like the email scammers who try to make these good people look bad, and take advantage of others. Its a sham people can’t do good without this kind of bad and evil coming to surface. TOO THE SCAMMERS YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED. I think they deserve an apology. Allen I am sorry for your loss, and I think yall deserve to be remembered for what you both did, not these emails.

    admin - January 16, 2012

    Thank you for your comments, Lisa. They were, indeed, an inspiring couple.

    To those who are uncertain what Lisa is referring to: some of those who left comments on the CBC site were from people who would not likely have shown the generosity of spirit the Allens did.

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