#99 – 365 days of gratitude

When I’m feeling really down, I like to open my little Moleskine notebook and take note of all the things I’m grateful for. That works a lot better for me than the woe-is-me journals I kept during one particularly dark stretch.

So I was delighted to come across the 365 Grateful project. When Hailey Bartholomew hit a down patch in 2008, she decided to take one Polaroid photo every day of something she was grateful for. She posted the photographs on Flickr. That inspired others to start their own gratitude projects. And now Hailey and her mother are working on a film about the project.

You can sign up for the 365 Grateful newsletter and download an inspiring free ebook, “10 Grateful Projects”.

It’s a simple idea, and I love the visual aspect. Looking at those reasons for gratitude, one every day, would lift anyone’s spirits. We’re surrounded by goodness and beauty, but sometimes we need a reminder.

This blog is my gratitude journal. Every day I add to a long and growing list of things that give me hope. 365 Grateful is one of them.

And below is one of the things I’m grateful for, my loving partner, Robin.


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