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#101 Medicine without borders

Turning 40 is a significant milestone for anyone. Sean Wise, an assistant professor at Ryerson University’s Ted Rogers School of Business Management, marked it with a life-changing idea. He created an iPhone app that connects doctors around the globe.

Doctor to Doctor (D2D) lets doctors in developing countries contact specialists in the developed world with the tap of a finger. A Ryerson media release quotes Wise, “It’s Doctors Without Borders from your living room. Physicians can choose to be on call from their living room at anytime. It creates a list of those on call along with their first language, level of experience and expertise.”

Doctors willing to volunteer at least 100 on-call hours receive a free, refurbished iPhone from Apple, via N2O (Need Second Opinion). N2O and Hospital for Sick Kids in Toronto are partners in the joint venue.

The video is a bit rough, but look at it closely, and you’ll get an idea of how this app works.


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