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#102 MotherGlow shares joy of pregnancy announcements

Couple reading fortune cookies

Photo clip from video below

Every pregnancy should be a welcome one, but life isn’t always simple or kind. So it’s wonderful to see the joy that greets the announcements on MotherGlow. The site posts “videos of expecting moms revealing the news to their families and friends”.

These sweet little films make me smile and even shed a tear or two. One couple carves the news on a pumpkin. Another picks up the about-to-be grandmother at the airport, with the pregnant mum wearing a t-shirt that says “Baby Steele” and has an arrow pointing downward. A third invites the in-laws to dinner and writes “Happy Grandparents Day” on the cake. Still another bakes fortune cookies, with the news tucked inside.

Check out the Web site, and head on over to MotherGlow’s Facebook page for some smiles. May all babies be greeted with as much love and anticipation as these will be.


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