#103 Saving a humpback whale

Can anyone who cares deeply about whales have a better name than Michael Fishbach? He and Gershon Cohen are co-founders of The Great Whale Conservancy, whose goal is “To protect blue whales along the California coast from ship-strike caused injuries and death.

If you take a look at the Web site, you’ll see plenty of reasons for hope. But the video below is yet another. Fishbach narrates this extraordinary encounter with a humpback whale who was caught in a fishing net.

No better day than Valentine’s Day (2011) for these compassionate and determined people to have come across a whale in distress. The whale’s joy and gratitude, once free, will have you cheering.

After watching the video, you’ll want to know more about the work of The Great Whale Conservancy. With fewer than 10,000 blue whales left in our oceans, we need to support the work of those trying to protect them.


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