#106 Flying the rainbow flag

Rainbow Flag

Photo by Ludovic Bertron, edited by Kevin Wong, via Flickr Creative Commons

News from my city fills me with hope. My hometown of Kelowna, British Columbia, is going to fly the rainbow flag during Pride Week, August 8-15. This is official. City Council voted on it.

For some of you, this news may sound like old hat because you live in cities that have been flying the Rainbow Pride Flag for years. For others, it may be a distant dream.

When I moved to Kelowna in 2005, the city’s mayor was old school. He would never have agreed to flying the flag at City Hall. Times have changed. Since Mayor Sharon Shepherd and some progressive councillors were elected (also in 2005), the LBGTQ community has had support from municipal leadership. But this is the first year Council has voted to display the flag.

I belong to a denomination (Unitarian) that welcomes everyone and displays the rainbow flag all year. I live in a country (Canada) where same-sex marriages are legal. Now I live in a city that will publicly show its support for the LBGTQ community.

This is very good news.


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Hylton Harrington - July 27, 2011

Bravo Kelowna and Sharon Shepherd!

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