#111 Forty years of fresh produce

GrowNYC has been transforming the urban environment for forty years, and I just learned about it. They have greenmarkets dotting the city. Most of them accept food stamps, and a lot of them offer services such as textiles and battery recycling and compost drop-off. I counted 12 farm stands run by neighborhood youth.

The Open Space Greening program operates community gardens, school gardens, and rainwater harvesting systems. The Grow Truck loans garden tools and supplies and hands out horticultural advice. The teaching programs turn pint-sized city dwellers into enthusiastic gardeners. The video below shows another project, training new farmers, mostly immigrants.

GrowNYC is an inspiring example of what can happen when determined individuals ask, “Why not?”

Forty years of improving the cityscape for New Yorkers and for coming generations—that’s a good reason for hope.


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