#112 Power of one

gift-ideas-from-shopzillaGiving something every day…now there’s a good idea. Instead of keeping the focus turned firmly inward, Jacqueline set out to “create a movement that would mobilize people to give back every day of their lives.”

She’s nearing the finish line. Every day she figures out some way to give something. Here are some examples:

  • Day 31 she donated 500 grains of rice to the Free Rice project. On that site, every question you answer correctly means 10 more grains of rice donated through the World Food Programme
  • Day 159 she listed the “Top 5 Ways to save Money and the Planet”
  • Day 296 she shared stories of giving from all over the globe.

My guess is that Jacqueline won’t see Day 365 as the end of her goal to create positive change in the world.

Power of one. That’s what Jacqueline represents. Each day we can take one small step that moves us closer to the world we hold in our mind’s eye.


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