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#120 Evan Moss writes his way into hearts

Move over, lemonade stand entrepreneurs. Make way for a 7-year-old boy from Virginia with tuberous sclerosis and epilepsy. He is on his way to becoming a best-selling author. His story really grips me, as I just talked with a beautiful young mother whose baby has seizures. She’d appreciate the story of Rob and Lisa Moss, their 9-year-old daughter Aria and 7-year-old son Evan.

According to the write-up on CreateSpace, Evan’s seizures began in his first month. He was having 300-400 a month by the time he was four. That’s when delicate brain surgeries ended the seizures.

Two years later they began again. Even though he has 3-4 a month instead of a hundred times that many, he needs medication to stop them. They happen so silently that even a baby monitor won’t alert his parents. So Evan has to sleep in their bed, and neither parent gets enough rest.

As part of the family’s application for a seizure dog, who could sense the onset of a seizure, Evan wrote and illustrated a story about how his life would change with the help of a dog. The hitch was money. It costs 4 Paws for Ability $22,000 to train a dog, and the family has to raise $13,000 of that.

MSNBC’s Rita Rubin wrote a sweet story about Evan and the family’s decision to self-publish the book. They hoped to sell 150 copies at $10 apiece, but they have already sold ten times that number. In addition, donations have poured in. Not only do they have enough for Evan’s dog. The money they and 4 Paws for Ability have received will help four other families buy service dogs.

Though it will take until June 2012 for the dog to be trained and ready, Evan is already excited and planning his second book. In a Washington Post interview, Evan says, “Now that I wrote such a good book, I think I’m going to be a famous author.” He’s well on the way.

Watch the family’s story on YouTube (below). Follow their blog.  Donate to 4 Paws for Ability. Buy the book. And if you or someone you love has seizures, check out the SeizureTracker site Rob Moss developed.

And don’t be surprised if you find yourself cheering for this special family.


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Bobbi - October 3, 2011

What a great web site and I love this story! Go Evan! Go Moss family!!!!

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