#126 Pint-sized activist stands up to power

She is ten years old. She has the voice of an angel. And she cares about the planet.

That’s a lot in one small package. Ta’Kaiya Blaney is from the Sliammon Nation. She’s growing up with an environmental conscience. She has already stood up to the companies she believes are threatening the ecosystems she treasures.

YES! Magazine did a wonderful article about her on August 15th.They said on July 6th she “stood outside Enbridge Northern Gateway’s office, waiting for officials to grant her access to the building. She thought she could hand deliver an envelope containing an important message about the company’s pipeline construction.” No door opened to the pint-sized activist.

Never mind. She stood there and sang her “Shallow Waters” song, the one she wrote when she heard Enbridge was going to build two pipelines from the Alberta tar sands to BC’s north coast.

She must be devastated the U.S. State Department has declared the Keystone XL pipeline poses “no significant impacts to most resources”. But the truth is, Keystone is only one threat. This small activist writes on her Web site: “Earth is our planet, the only one we have, and we must protect it.” She is out there railing at those who think Earth is a sandbox, not a lifeline.

She is a gutsy child. She has absorbed the implications of oil pipelines and tankers. She is not willing to let us sell her future. So she is standing up, singing out, speaking out, calling attention to an environmental disaster in the making.

She wrote “Shallow Waters” with her singing teacher, Aileen De La Cruz. The video is very moving. Ta’Kaiya is an old soul in a young body. She gives me hope.


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