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#149 The Princess with Asperger’s Syndrome

Photo from Siti Saad via Flickr Creative Commons

Bullies got their comeuppance when they nominated 14-year-old Rachel Sampson for homecoming queen. What started out as a mean-girl prank turned into a chance for Poway High School students to show what they thought of the bullies.

Rachel Sampson, who has Aspberger’s Syndrome, knew why her name appeared on the ballot in her southern California high school. She decided not to let the bullies get away with making fun of her.

Rachel’s mother, Kathleen, supported her by launching a Facebook page explaining what the bullies were up to. The page went viral, and Rachel’s fellow students showed their mettle by voting for Rachel. In September she was crowned homecoming princess.

A young friend here in Kelowna, B.C., has opened my eyes to the challenges young people with Aspberger’s face. As an introvert, I empathize with their awkwardness in social situations. For Rachel to stand firm and rob the bullies of their victory was nothing short of stupendous.

Rachel, you are an inspiration, and you give me hope.


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