#150 Farewell, and safe flight

All summer a family of ospreys nested on the crane behind my high-rise. This was their second summer atop a mechanical aerie. The crane is not going anywhere because the economy still isn’t strong enough to encourage a developer to finish the building. So the crane stands guard over a foundation and a lot of rebar.

Last year an osprey pair made their home on the end with the weights that act as balance for the crane’s long arm. They hatched two little ones, who grew, learned to fly and fish, and migrated with the parents.

This summer only one young osprey repeated the cycle. At summer’s end the parents flew off to start their migration. Junior stayed behind. Days passed, and we osprey watchers worried.

Then one day Junior was gone too. That’s how it is in the natural world, when we humans let things take their course.

So farewell, young osprey. Fly safely, and come back next year.


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