#151 Australia edging closer to marriage equality

Marriage equality is no longer such a strange notion in Australia. A 2010 Galaxy poll showed 62% of Australians were in favor of allowing same-sex couples to marry. The number rose to 80% for the group aged 18-24. So once again young people are ahead of the curve.

That is a huge jump from 2004, when a similar poll showed only 38% of Australians “strongly” (20%) or “somewhat” (18%) in favour of reform.

For those still worried about what might happen if wedding bells were allowed to chime for same-sex couples, here is reassuring news. Canada legalized same-sex marriage in July 2005. As Naomi Lakritz wrote in the Calgary Herald in July 2011, “the sun has continued to come up each morning. Nobody has married their cat, their tree or their favourite living room chair. No priest has been forced to marry same-sex couples. No pedophiles have married children. I’ve long been a supporter of same-sex marriage, and I got married, too, just last fall — to a man.”

Same-sex couples now marry without a ripple here in Canada, and that removes one of the remaining barriers to full acceptance. So when I watched this flash mob from I Do Australia, I cheered. Seeing animated graphs of the favourable statistics was so encouraging.

Actually, at the end of the video, I shed a tear, thinking about a particular pair of new moms in Australia who would like to marry. It looks as if they will have their chance before many more years pass.

For more about the marriage equality movement in Australia:


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