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#152 Dorothy Custer turns 100 and wows Jay Leno

By Cathryn Wellner / October 7, 2011

Laughter tears are rolling down my cheeks. I just watched Dorothy Custer’s appearance on Jay Leno’s show. The 100-year-old from my home town of Twin Falls, Idaho, is hilarious.

Early in the interview she tells Leno the wind was blowing her skirt up when she visited Universal Studios the day before. She was hanging onto her hat when a young fellow told her she’d better let go of her hat and pull her dress down because, “You’re showing everything you got.”

Her sharp retort: “I don’t care. What they see down there is 100 years old. This is a brand-new hat.”

Custer exercises every day and won’t leave her bedroom until she does. She counts the microwave as the best invention of the 20th century, “because I don’t have to cook.” She names credit cards as the worst invention. “We never bought anything unless we had the money for it.”

Before the interview ends, she pulls out a harmonica, stands (so she can get her breath), and plays “Turkey in the Straw” for a cheering audience.

Thanks to my Twitter pal, Jody, for the link and to KTVB Boise for making the embed code available.

Dorothy Custer sets the bar high for happy aging.

[Check out the photos from her 100th birthday party here.]

2013 update: Dorothy Custer celebrated her 102nd birthday by doing a base jump with Sean Chuma. Go, Dorothy! (And thanks for posting the video, Sean.)


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j - October 12, 2011

May we all be as spunky and full of great wisdom and stories as Dorothy Custer!
What a great role model!

    admin - October 12, 2011

    She’s definitely someone I’m looking to as a role model for spunky aging.

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