#163 Turtle to the rescue

How one turtle ended up shell side down is outside the scope of this little video, but what happens next is the reason it went viral.

The second turtle comes to the rescue, nudging, moving around his pal, finding the place where just the right nudge flips his friend onto his feet.

It is beautiful to watch the determination of the turtle. He won’t stop trying until he succeeds.

That’s what we all need, isn’t it? Someone we can count on when we’re in a stuck place, unable to get back on our feet and move on. Someone who sees us flailing and gives us a nudge, then steps back and cheers as we move forward under our own steam again.

This little video reveals a lot about how badly we underestimate the compassion that exists in species other than our own. It also offers a small metaphor for us humans, who need each other if we are to reach our highest and best potential.


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