#165 Taxes bought me beauty today

Walking around my Kelowna, British Columbia, neighbourhood today, I was reflecting on the beauty around me. Then I had one of those moments of gratitude that don’t come often enough. I remembered to be grateful for paying taxes.

Everything I was enjoying was paid for out of taxes collected by various levels of government. Today it was mostly municipal taxes that financed my pleasure.

So I thought I’d share with you some of the joy tax dollars provided me with today – and not just me but all the families, couples, dogs, and individuals who were out there with me.

I am not happy about everything my taxes buy, but I am happy to participate in paying for the walkways, parks, beaches, and trees that beautify my neighbourhood. So tonight I’m sending up thanks for taxes.

The lagoon fronts the housing complex where I live

Japanese maple in Waterfront Park

Willows along the boardwalk in Waterfront Park

Tugboat Bay beach

To the left are the treelined walkways and beach of Tugboat Bay


Sometimes the heart just overflows



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