#173 Welcome to the 7 billionth babies

Sunday Margaret arrived before the 7 billionth babies, on July 5th, into a family that is surrounding her with love

More than one country is claiming the 7 billionth baby born in the world. In Manila she’s Danica May Camacho. In Kaliningrad, Russia, he is Piotr Nikolayev. In Santo Domingo she is Charleny Mota. In a world with so many people, thousands of newborns can claim the title of 7 billionth baby born on October 31, 2011, the day the U.N. chose to mark that population milestone.

Every one of those babies deserves to be welcomed with joy, to be nurtured and loved and encouraged. Every one of those babies is not just one more mouth to feed, one more body to clothe or one more burden on the planet. Each carries within his or her tiny soul the potential to change the world for the better.

So I appreciate what Virginia Sauve sent in response to a question I posed to my e-mail list: “What gives you hope?” She wrote:

What gives me hope is watching how a baby responds to the world. I’ll use Rose as my reference point as she is the newest baby in our world.  She gives unconditional love to those around her and I see those people, myself included, responding with unconditional love. I see her unbounded curiosity to know and experience the world around her, from the smallest, seemingly inconsequential detail to the largest.

Around her, I see people letting go of negative behaviors and becoming like the positive characteristics that flow from her in abundance. I am reminded of Jesus’ instruction to his followers to let the children come unto him. He saw what the others could not see, that children are born with light and love as part of their nature and if the rest of us could learn from them, the world would flow as it is supposed to with each day filled with love, joy, learning, and hope. A baby lives in the now and reminds us of the value of doing so.

So welcome, all you 7 billionth babies. Within each of you is born a seed of hope for this beautiful planet we all call home.


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