#176 Creating delight: Christy Schollen

From Christy Schollen's "Reginald Fessenden and the 1st Radio Broadcast

In the intricate maze of fleeting online connections, I often forget how I stumbled across someone. That’s the case with Christy Schollen, though I think it was through Twitter.

What I have not forgotten is my delight when I scrolled through her blog and discovered her brilliant artistry and sense of whimsy. I remember shaking my head in wonder, sending other people to her site, and sighing to myself, “If I ever write a children’s book, I want Christy to illustrate it.”

Her blog is a scrumptious feast. Her illustrations for Hotel in the Sky promise a magical adventure. She lets us see the artist’s process by sharing the rough sketches she draws at the start of a project. She shows the colourful, character-filled illustrations she did for “Reginald Fessenden and the 1st Radio Broadcast”, a story in Kayak, a Canadian children’s history magazine.

I’m enchanted and find myself stopping with delight to investigate her whimsical wire bugs, her DIY wrapping paper, and her slow-cloth pillows. (Click “Older Post” twice so you can see the back of the pillow and some detail shots.)

Christy is a superbly talented artist, and I’m inordinately pleased she lives in our beautiful Okanagan Valley, in British Columbia. The world is a shinier place because of people like her.



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