#178 Firefighter is 94 years old

Photo by A tea but no e, via Flickr Creative Commons

She is 94 years old and only 4-foot, 6-inches tall, but Rose Swiszowski showed a mighty spirit when she reacted to a fire in her Vero Beach, Florida retirement home.

Swiszowski was heading back to her apartment when she saw a fire outside the recreation center. She ran into her unit, grabbed a pitcher of water and a canister of flour, then rushed back out to try to douse the flames.

Other residents heard her screams and called the fire department. Firefighters arrived quickly and stopped the fire from spreading. A quick investigation showed the source — a lit cigarette that burned nearby chairs.

Asked about her heroism, Swiszowski said, “I think God put me here. God made me come down at that time and find it.”

When the fire department returns to the retirement home, they will have a different purpose in mind: to honor Rose Swiszowski for her bravery and her quick actions.

Originally published on Care2.com


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