#180 Crazy Sustainable Commute

Crazy? Yes, if you try this, you just might get locked up. On the other hand, people who see you might join in. At the very least they’ll laugh.

Do the Crazy Sustainable Commute. It’s not quite a craze yet, but the idea from Vancouver, British Columbia, is a good one. The call went out out to mark the date: September 29, 2011. The idea was to commute to work via biking, busing or walking…or dancing, unicycyling, canoeing or transit.

The guy dancing in the 2011 challenge video won’t be a contender for one of those dancing shows. But for conveying a message with humour instead of guilt, he’d get my vote.

The 2010 challenge video featured a guy walking his canoe down the streets of Vancouver, paddling across the water, and hauling into his office. Oops, the elevator proved a challenge. Watch to the end to see how he solved that one.

Check out the crazy cyclists , the walking backwards in backwards clothes, the cartwheelers, and the chicken-powered wagon.

Then think up your own way to commute sustainably with a huge dose of fun.


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