#183 Matt Andersen: inside the package

By Cathryn Wellner / November 11, 2011

Matt Andersen at the Pearl Theatre in Lunenburg; click on the photo for the video of him singing "Ain't No Sunshine"

He walked onto the Kelowna stage in a rumpled shirt and well-worn jeans. His hair was a wild, curly aura. He had passed the point of healthy weight a long time earlier. Taking center stage, he sat on a chair with only an acoustic guitar in his lap, another on a stand.

Matt Andersen was new to me, and I didn’t hold out much hope for his talents. Robin had free tickets for playing piano at the arts centre where the concert was taking place. The worst outcome would be an evening together listening to an unfamiliar Canadian musician.

Then Andersen opened his mouth, flung back his hair, and completely won our hearts. Inside the package was a blues guitarist and singer/songwriter with talent from the top of his curly head to the toe end of his boots. He was warm and personable, a master on the guitar and a skilled lyricist.

Robin and I were staring a long separation in the face. My partner is Australian, and because of deep vein thrombosis he can’t fly safely. The only way he can spend time with his family is in long chunks. Cruise ships head to Australia in September or October, after finishing their season plying the west coast of North America. They don’t return until May.

So although I’d be joining Robin for two months of his time in Australia, we were feeling kind of tender that night. When Anderson sang “Home Sweet Home“, I had to pull out the tissues.

You are my home
You are my home sweet home
You’re resting on my mind
When I’m far away alone
You are my home sweet home

By the time the last notes of an encore died away, I was already making a mental note: The next time Matt Andersen is playing anywhere I am, I will be first in line for a ticket.

You can watch him singing “Home Sweet Home” in Ramsbottom, Lancashire, but it’s not an authorized video so I won’t embed it here. On the other hand, I will embed “Come By” because he’s made it available for that purpose on his Myspace site.

We need to support artists like this Canadian treasure so head on over to iTunes and buy some of his music. Follow him on Twitter, Facebook or YouTube, and don’t miss him if he comes to your town.

Come By by Matt Andersen


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Robin - November 14, 2011

I had to get the tissues out as well reading this article. The words are so powerfull

Barbara - December 4, 2011

Did you know that Matt Andersen is playing a tour in Australia right now? It is amazing, the effect he has on people seeing him for the first time. It is a bit of a thrill to take a first-timer to one of his performances… you will feel the need, from time to time, to look over and watch the effect he is having on your concert companion…

    admin - December 4, 2011

    Australia! I’d love to be in his audiences for just that experience – to see people new to his talent realizing what a treat they have in store.

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