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#186 Yearning and risking for art

When I watched this video by Andrea Dorfman, matching so perfectly the song “Art” by Tanya Davis, I had a grin plastered all over my face. This collaboration is pure delight.

My joy in creating started with slippery mud when I was barely crawling. Poor Mother tried hard to keep me indoors once she had cleaned me up for an outing. But the lure of silky dirt or oozing mud was a powerful incentive to slip out of her sight.

An eighth-grade art class was delicious for me until the day the teacher posted my painting of purple mountains. The note she attached to it shut me down for years.

Still, there was always music. I played violin through high school and university and never did stop singing. For a decade I traveled as a storyteller. Nowadays writing and photography are my creative outlets.

It’s all art. So when I watched the video, I felt the yearning and uncertainty of the risky path the artist follows but also the wild joy of self-expression. Thanks, Andrea Dorfman and Tanya Davis. Oh, how well I understand what you paint and sing.

Art, art, I want you.
Art, you make it pretty hard not to
My heart is trying hard here to follow you
But I can’t always tell if I ought to

For more on these talented artists:
Andrea Dorfman: Web site, Facebook, YouTube
Tanya Davis: Web site


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