#193 Murals enliven our cities

By Cathryn Wellner / November 21, 2011

Photo of one of the Chemainus, B.C., murals by Rick McCharles, via Flickr Creative Commons

The smiling faces, fruits and vegetables, and the multi-ethnic hands of “Building Together” make the Washington, D.C., neighbourhood seem inviting. “Power Play” in Winnipeg is dramatic, but I’m no hockey fan and somehow it looks almost warlike to me. The St. Petersburg neighbourhood would be pretty stark and impersonal without “Books”. Melbourne’s “ACDC Lane” is quirky and strange and, at the same time, appealingly childlike.

I’ve just traveled the world, looking at murals, and I didn’t leave my office. Mural Locator took me there and a lot more places around the globe. Their goal is simple and another example of what I love about the Web:

…to find locations of amazing public art wall murals to share them with you to help archive the history and importance of murals. Also we want to connect with artists and art foundations to expand the knowledge of art.

The blank walls of our cities can be pretty sterile. Cover them with vivid colours and visions of the history, culture or possible future of the neighbourhood, and they become stories. They brighten the landscape, but they do more than that. They give us a common focus, a point of conversation, and sometimes even reason to hope for a better tomorrow.

You can follow Mural Locator on Twitter or Facebook or just spend time wandering around the delightful Web site.


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