#206 Live life like a party

By Cathryn Wellner / December 2, 2011

They’re getting their groove on in supermarket aisles in Pennsylvania, Kentucky, California, South Dakota, Québec, Maine, Missouri, Maine, Ontario, Illinois, Rhode Island, and New Mexico. They’re dancing with their shopping carts and with each other, as if they really “get” the film’s message to, “Live life like the party you’ve always wanted.”

When my friend, Joanne, posted the link to the video below, I watched it with a big grin on my face. I’d never heard of the Levity Institute, but who could resist checking out “a gathering place for those interested in living life with a deeper sense of well-being, lightheartedness and buoyancy in their everyday lives”?

Katie West writes she got the idea while riding a New York subway in 2009. She had a sudden, pervasive feeling of connection with both the misery behind the frowns around her and the contrasting lightness inside everyone. The Levity Institute was born.

Katie and her team offer classes, retreats, and salons – all based on buoyancy and lightheartedness and a pay-it-forward fee structure. Every now and then they throw out an idea and invite the world to play. The Grocery Store Dancing Micro-Movement below is the latest Levity Project.

Grocery stores are friendly territory for me, but most shopping makes me want to bolt for the door. The playfulness of the Levity Project gives me hope that maybe I can turn a grind into a grin. Anyone else want to play?

Find them on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.


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Karen Lavallee - December 27, 2011

love it! fun 🙂

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