#211 Winnipeg teen’s Christmas video goes viral

Doesn’t get more Canadian than this: Sean Quigley puts on shorts and runners, hauls his drum kit out into Winnipeg’s snow, dons his 2010 Olympics red mittens (the ones decorated with white maple leaves), and produces a rendition of “The Little Drummer Boy”. He scripts it, films it, plays all the tracks, and creates a happy-making film that’s going viral.

It’s multi-cultural: Winnipeggers hold up signs wishing us a Merry Christmas in several languages. It’s scenic: Turns out Winnipeg looks beautiful covered in fresh snow. It’s friendly: The words of the song take on a whole new meaning as 16-year-old Sean Quigley wanders the city offering the gift of his drumming.

This utterly delightful rendition may even capture the hearts of those mystified by the highly repetitive song’s perennial popularity. Put a smile in your heart with Sean Quigley’s joyous video.


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Michelle - December 12, 2011

Love it love it love it! Pahrumpa pum pum!! Awesome Canadian young talent.

    admin - December 13, 2011

    Watching that video makes me happy. Glad you liked it too.

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