#226 Love does make a family

They are multi-generational and multi-cultural. They are two moms and their children, two dads and their little ones. They are male-and-female and same-sex couples with dogs or cats. They are single parents and pensioners. They are mothers and fathers with toddlers or teens. They are groups of friends.

What all of the families in the photographs all have in common is what binds them to each other: love. Love Makes a Family is a gathering place for family photographs, uploaded with a fervent wish: “Equality for ALL Families in 2012”.

The video production is a gift from MoveOn.org, and it’s one they hope will be shared widely. It uses some of the thousands of photographs families sent in and a fabulous song written by Laura Dawn, the Cultural Director for MoveOn.org.

2011 is the year I became a grandmother by love. Never having had children of my own, I felt incredibly honoured when my partner’s daughter called me from the hospital, moments after giving birth to Sunday Margaret. Robin is in Australia now, getting to know the new grandchild as well as her two cousins. I’ll join him soon and can’t wait to meet this miracle baby.

So MoveOn’s video means something special to me. Sunday Margaret’s mothers live in a country where the push for same-sex marriage is gaining traction. When the law finally changes, Robin and I hope to be there for the wedding of these two beautiful women.

Thanks, MoveOn.org. You’re right. “It’s love that makes a family.”


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