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#227 Cooking Up the food stories

By Cathryn Wellner / December 28, 2011

Food needs friends. The soil that gives it nutrients has been plowed, poisoned, and pilfered. The seeds that give it a good start have been hybridized and modified and mono-cropped. The bees that are essential allies to it are getting tired of being tricked, trucked and poisoned.

Food has other challenges as well, like trying to feed 7 billion people and cope with climate change and extreme weather events. And that doesn’t take into account factory farming, water problems, and over-dependence on fossil fuels.

Fortunately food does have friends, and some of them are cooking up stories to spread the word about sustainable food and agriculture.

Cooking Up a Story is ambitious. The growing library of short documentaries introduces you to people committed to quality and earth-friendly food, such as a young farmer in Maine, a woman who produces artisanal cheese, mustard-making Benedictine Sisters, and community egg co-up. Another set of films covers the basics of things like container gardening, sustainable greenhouse design, and beekeeping basics.

The site includes talks on critical issues like food justice, the high cost of cheap food, and CAFOs (concentrated animal feeding operations). It even includes that perennial favourite – some great recipes. I’m definitely going to try the twice-baked Irish potatoes with stout, onions and kale.

Current issues are explored through posts on the Food News Wire and entries on the Facebook page. I also follow them on Twitter.

I consider myself incredibly fortunate. I’m passionate about food and make it a priority to buy support sustainable food. But food needs a whole lot more friends around the globe, and Cooking Up a Story is working hard to make them. Thanks for that.


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