#238 The bus-riding cat

chewie watching bird through screen

When Dodger’s not riding the bus, he’s probably staring out the window. Photo by minicooper93402 via Flickr Creative Commons

Do you know what your cat is doing when not curled up in a shaft of sunlight, asleep on your living room floor? When the cat is out of sight, do you know where he goes?

If your cat is anything like 15-year-old Dodger, he may be hopping buses and going for rides. The ginger cat is named for the Artful Dodger in Oliver Twist. His owner, Fee Jeanes, figures he started hopping buses because they are like greenhouses and living room floors – warm when the sun shines through.

Mrs. Jeanes lives in Dorset and is a regular on the 10-mile round trip between Bridport and Charmouth. The Jeanes family home is behind the bus station. Dodger is a friendly feline. People at the station fed him tasty scraps so he kept coming back.

By the time the family discovered Dodger was riding buses, he was such a regular that drivers brought him tins of food and passengers looked forward to his sitting on their warm laps.

Before printing the story, The Telegraph talked to the bus company, First. Some bus companies might insist on putting a stop to Dodger’s bus binge. That’s what gives me hope. This company welcomes the roving feline.


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