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#247 Eateries with a twist

Coombs, BC

Photo of the Coombs goats by Oggie Dog, via Flickr Creative Commons

I tucked the link for The Most Unusual Restaurants in the World into my hope file because a quick scan made me smile. Creativity, quirkiness and a social conscience are sprinkled throughout these offbeat eateries.

A lot of them offer a place for people with addictions, mental illnesses, prison records or other challenges to learn job skills. Others provide venues for performers who sing, dance or act. Some are offbeat or just plain strange.

If you’re willing to shake up your idea of what a restaurant is or should be, try one of these:

  • Be served by monkeys at the Kayabukiya Tavern in Utsunomiya, Japan.
  • Eat in absolute darkness at the Invisible Dinner in Budapest, using all your senses (except sight) to experience aromas, tastes, and textures.
  • Watch goats dining on the grassy roof of the restaurant at the Old Country Market in Coombs, British Columbia.
  • Pay whatever feels right at Melbourne’s Lentil As Anything, “to continue a movement that values the diner over the dollar.”
  • Feast on fine food prepared by homeless people and ex-offenders at the Crisis Skylight Café in London or Newcastle.
  • On your next visit to San Francisco, listen to servers singing opera at Max’s Opera Cafes or Golden Oldies at Max’s Diners.

Some of entries on The Most Unusual Restaurants in the World are quirky. Others serve up fantasies for a variety of tame and, ahem, less tame tastes.

What they all have in common is sideways thinking. We may not always feel comfortable around sideways thinkers, but they keep us from sleepwalking through our days.


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sterling haynes - January 20, 2012

The Coombs restaurant serving you on Vancouver Island does not match the ambience of the roof and the goats. If only the food was as unique as the goats.

    admin - January 20, 2012

    They got the quirky part right. Sounds as if they still need to work on the food. It’s quite the tourist attraction.

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