#276 People are friendly here…and there

Waterfront Park and Lake Okanagan

Waterfront Park and Lake Okanagan, beautiful in any weather

Still foggy from a 48-hour journey between Australia and my British Columbia home, I set out for a walk along Kelowna’s waterfront and downtown. Even though I was not revving on all cylinders, I had enough energy to return smiles.

Everywhere I walked, people seemed ready to smile—in shops, the bank, along the sidewalk. I must have been giving off smile vibes. What a friendly town, I thought. It felt good to be home.

I thought back to the last two months of travel and all the people we were with in Melbourne, Adelaide, Port Elliot, Brisbane, and the hills of the Sunshine Coast’s hinterland. People smiled a lot. They were friendly. Everywhere we went we asked ourselves, “Could we live here?”

The simple answer was always the same, “Yes”. The beauty of some places draws us more than others, and we are very happy where we live now. But it is nice to know that should our circumstances change, and we decide to move closer to my partner’s family, we will be among friendly people.

People are friendly in Australia and Kelowna…and everywhere.


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