#277 Spinning a web of generous connections


Spiderweb, photo by Kullez, via Flickr Creative Commons

Raise5 is the quirkiest fundraising site I’ve ever come across. It also has the lowest entry fee. Everything costs $5.

I’ll let them explain:

Raise5 is a fundraising platform that gives everyone a creative way to raise money for their favourite charities and non-profit organizations with their free time and talents.

It works through a system of micro-donations. One person donates a small service or task – for example, teaching a 15-minute French lesson, setting up a new laptop, or providing marketing tips. Another person can buy the service for a flat rate of $5 and the money will go to the service-donor’s charity/non-profit of choice.

That’s all there is to it. Here are some of the offerings and the causes they want to support:

  • Hassan will help you name your product (United Way)
  • Amanada will give you an introduction to Arabic (Red Cross)
  • Shawn will design a draft logo (Doctors Without Borders)
  • Laura will design your business card (Zimele Canada)
  • Curtis will draw a pencil sketch of a person, object or scene (Red Cross)
  • Ian will share your website with his 1900+ Facebook friends (Compassion International)
  • Mark will give you a voice lesson (Red Cross)
  • Alison will give you tips on finding daycare (United Way)

You get the idea. People are doing more than raise money on this site. They are sharing a piece of themselves.


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