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#288 Don Tapscott, innovative thinker

He’s in my cohort, but Don Tapscott has a mind that floats freely, not tethered by age, time or space. He looks at the generation that has Grown Up Digital: How the Net Generation is Changing Your World
and likes what he sees. While some worry about the impact of technology, Tapscott sees its potential.

Take a half hour to watch the video below. This guy makes me feel optimistic about the generation of young adults, and that gives me hope for the world our grandchildren will shape.

In the video he talks about how today’s young people are motivated by creativity and intelligence, rather than by money. He concedes he’s talking about a subset, the top third of the generation. But in any generation there are standouts who make things happen while everyone else who just kind of tags along.

Tapscott created a series for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation called ReCivilization, which looked at the big challenges facing us. He examined communications, innovation and learning and emerged optimistic. In 2011 Thinkers50 singled him out as one of the world’s top management thinkers.

He’s been at this for quite a while, but instead of becoming tired and jaded, he just seems to become increasingly vibrant and enthusiastic.

When he’s not shining the light of his considerable intellect on technology, he’s part of a rock band called Men In Suits (a group that includes his beautiful daughter), who use their talents to raise funds for charities.

Check out his Web site and follow him on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.


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