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#290 Sometimes it’s OK to hide

I’ve been hiding out the last few days. A cold whacked me Saturday, and although I tried hard through Sunday to pretend it was going to disappear overnight, by Monday I had to cave in. So I’ve been lying low.

Still, yesterday afternoon was glorious. I just had to take a walk, and that’s when I saw this deer. I’d have missed her had a child not called her to my attention. She was lying absolutely still in her leafy bower on the other side of the pond from where we stood watching her.

The child and his mother were quiet, allowing the doe not to notice we had invaded her privacy, at least from a distance. They were just grateful she was there.

Sometimes I need a breather like she was taking, time to hide out long enough to rebuild my energy. It’s not always easy being an introvert in a culture that finds us a bit suspect. We come in a lot of different flavours, but one trait most of us share is that after a lot of stimulation, we need some quiet time. That’s how we refresh our spirits.

So after a few minutes admiring this wild creature on the edge of an urban neighbourhood, I retreated. She wasn’t intentionally on display. She was just taking some quiet time.

I understand that.


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