#293 Hip hop artist sings out for gays

One of my fellow Care2 Causes bloggers, Steve Williams, shared this today. Thanks, Steve.

Hip-hop artist Adair Lion won me over with this video. The Amarillo, Texas, artist comes out strongly with a song called “Gay Is OK.”

The story woven through it is a heart tugger. Along with some straight-out, gutsy lyrics calling homophobia into question, Adrian shows the child of two dads coming up against bigotry.

The last scene has brought me to tears twice already, and I know I’ll watch it again. I have a granddaughter with two moms. For her sake and the sake of her special mothers, I want to scour the world of the last, lingering bits of homophobia.

So, Adair Lion, thanks for this song. You got it right. “Gay Is OK.”


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