#300 We can all soar

In May 2011 it was just a dream. Now there are 300 reasons for hope on this blog.

The numbers make me smile, but the real magic is in the people who have inspired me and all those who have stopped by the site. Before I started the blog I didn’t know about

  • Julius Mwelu, the photographer who puts cameras in the hands of youth living in slums and lets them tell the powerful stories of the people around them
  • Claude Demarais, the professor who dreamed Preservation Farm into existence
  • Mary Johnson, who found it in heart to forgive her son’s killer
  • Our Time Theatre, where only stutterers can participate and where they thrive on unconditional love
  • Aunty Grace Dick and Joan Rayment, whose cross-cultural friendship spans 50 years and thousands of miles
  • The good people at The Little Free Library, who build tiny libraries, attach them to posts and encourage people to plant them in neighbourhoods everywhere
  • Roscoe, the dog who adopted a neighbourhood and who is loved and fiercely protected by the people there

What all 300 posts say to me is that everyone of us harbours the seeds of greatness, whether our gift is photography, farming or friendship. We all get discouraged, and sometimes we feel small and inadequate.

That’s where This Gives Me Hope comes in. When life hands you lemons, take a few minutes to read some of the posts. Somewhere among them you’ll find the inspiration you need to spread your wings and soar.

The first 300 reasons for hope were so easy to find that I have files bulging with others. So keep watching, send suggestions, and share what gives you hope on our Facebook page.



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