#303 The revolution will be pedal powered

The revolution will be powered by bicycles, and it will be magnificent. That’s the dream of Magnificent Revolution, a team of artists, musicians, designers, ecologists and engineers who have put their collective heads together to change the world.

I heard of them when someone sent me a link to the Food Co-op Shop in Canberra. They were planning to show movies with a difference. Not just that the movies were about such things as social justice and organic food, but that the power to show them would be provided through the energy of cyclists hooked to a generator.

They included a link to a Vimeo video (see below) about Cycle In Cinema, and I had to know more. I grew up in the heyday of drive-in movies, but we sat in cars, hooked speakers to our windows, and hobnobbed with our buddies while watching movies on a big, outdoor screen.

Magnificent Revolution has a different idea: bicycle-powered generators, with people pushing pedals to provide the energy to run the movie projector. It’s a great way to involve people while introducing them to renewable technologies and micro-power generation.

Check them out on the Web and follow them on Twitter. This London-based group is making green living fun.


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Angela - May 23, 2012

Hi Cathyrn,
Awesome post. I love bicycle power. Here in Vancouver, we attended an event at the UBC bookstore two years in a row, where you could power a blender by bicycle and they were giving out free bicycle-power made smoothies. My son got so into it that he cycled enough to make about 8 smoothies.

All we have to do sometimes, is look outside the box. It’s all there, if we just decide to change.

Thanks again,

    admin - May 23, 2012

    Hi, Angela,

    Bicycle-powered smoothies?! What fun. Changing the way we do things can make life a lot more interesting.


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